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Goliath Options Trading (also referred to as “Goliath”, “we”, “us” and “our”) and its subsidiaries’ operation (collectively defined as the “”) is in effect as on “08/15/2020” by Goliath for to be accessed by the customers (also defined as “customers”, “users”, “you”, “your” and “yours”).

Note: We, Goliath Options Trading, have drafted this policy to help the user understand the legal features, limitations, and data sharing and storage mechanisms of this site. Furthermore, we operate in accordance with the clauses defined in the Privacy Policy and we reserve the right to change/alter/update our Privacy Policy at any time. By accessing and utilizing our website and/or services, you agree that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy. And, hereby, acknowledge and consent to the collection, use and sharing of your information as described in this Privacy Policy. You shall be notified of the update/change in the Policy via web-based notification. And if you wish no further to agree with the updated Privacy Policy, you should cease the use of our services/website.


The primary purpose behind collecting information by us, the Goliath, is to provide you with up-to-date information about our new arrivals, discounts, offers, and services. The information is also further employed to improve and enhance our website performance and further services as we speak of.

There are primarily two kinds of information collected, stored and used on our website/database:

  • Personal information

  • Non-personal information


We collect and store your personal information – which discriminates you from other users – that includes the following:

  • Your name (first, middle, last)

  • Physical and/or email address

  • Contact number

  • Profile photo

  • Credit/Debit card number
    and other data that can be used to identify you.

Please note: the extent of personal information collected can be updated/changed and is subjected to changes in the Privacy Policy.


Non-personally information collected by us, Goliath Options Trading, is the type of data that does not allow for any discrimination between you and the other users. It includes but is not limited to details that comprise of the following non-personal data:

  • Number of web-visit logs

  • Website-visit time logs

  • GPRS location

  • Cookie-based data

  • Type of internet browser

  • Domain name

  • Internet Protocol (IP) address


The user’s personal as well as non-personal information is collected by us, Goliath Options Trading. through the following means:

  • Through sign-up/ registration details

  • Through complaints or feedback forms/emails

  • Through software like Google Analytics to analyze typical user behavior

  • Through web-based cookies

  • Through your web-browsers/operating system (iOS/Android/Windows/MAC)

  • Through web beacons/tags

  • Through mobile/ cell phone-based GPS

  • Through site interactions/communication

The user information is collected for the reasons mentioned below:

  • To verify a user’s identity

  • To carry out transactions on behalf of the customer

  • To provide our products and services

  • To help the user navigate by addressing their queries and other similar requests

  • To manage the user’s account, subscription and other billing purposes

  • To allow our signed-up third parties/service providers to provide services on our behalf

  • To personalize the user’s experience on the site

  • To detect and prevent fraud/scams

  • To market our products

  • To share new offers/discounts

Note: The means used to collect information by us can surpass the ones mentioned above. The user can choose to disable cookies/ tags/web beacons at any time; however, the company will not be responsible for lack of seamless operation of the site as a result.


We, Goliath Options Trading, may share your personal as well as non-personal information with signed-up collaborators/service providers/third parties in order to efficiently provide our services/offers to you. We share your information with:

  • Service providers/third-parties

  • Law enforcement/legal bodies and/or agencies

for smooth operations of our services (including but not limited to the database & server management and others as deemed required) as well as legal/lawful processes (including but not limited to matters regarding court orders, subpoenas under the civil or criminal category other compulsory disclosures as deemed fit).

  • Transaction bodies

Basically payment processing providers for carrying out transactions.

  • Service and analytics providers

Note: The information shared is used to ensure smooth and legal business operations, to detect and prevent fraud/scams on behalf of users/third-parties/service providers, in order to assess and resolve the issues regarding the violation of users, third-party service providers or both, to process transactions on behalf of the user, to improve our services, to abide by agreements with the third-parties/service-providers and to carry out our marketing campaigns.


We, Goliath Options Trading, provide you/user/customer with authorized access to his/her personal as well as non-personal information on our web-platform. We always keep a copy of your originally provided personal/non-personal information and that retained information, as well as the updated user information, is used for purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, we are liable to provide you with the information and access to which extent you can access your stored information on our website as well as to what extent you can alter/change/update and/or correct that information.

Your personal, as well as non-personal information, shall be stored on our databases and servers. Your information thereby will be governed and stored by us and that shall be maintained by the signed-up third-party service providers. The information shall be stored keeping in view the up-to-date servers, security systems and other necessary steps to be taken in order to ensure your data’s safety and protection.

Note: we, Goliath Options Trading, are prone to data theft and/or loss due to unavoidable circumstances, including natural disasters and system failures. We shall not, therefore, be liable to any losses occur due to the later reasons.


This GDPR Supplement to the Privacy Policy of the has been hereby made effective as of 08/15/2020, owned and run by Goliath Options Trading (referred to as “Goliath”, “we”, “us” or “our”). Our GPDR policy supplements this aforementioned Privacy Policy for the citizens of the European Union and applies to the domain of the United States as well – for the company being based in the United States.

This GDPR supplement complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the Protection of Natural Persons with regard to the Processing of Personal Data and on the Free Movement of Such Data and Repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (the “GDPR”).

This GDPR Supplement applies only to the residents of the European Union and anyone to whom Goliath Options Trading offers its goods and services, or who access the website and may be subject to monitoring or collection of personal data by Goliath Options Trading. These include, but not limited to, as when you browse the Site, register for a membership, or use our goods or services available on our website and when you will be providing specific information to us that in turn could be used to identify you. And hence, we will collect, use and share certain information about you (the “user”) for various purposes as set forth in the Privacy Policy and this GDRP supplement.


We, the Goliath Options Trading team, upon legal grounding, collect and utilize your personal as well as non-personal information under the particular circumstances as having been previously mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

We process information about you in order to provide our services in accordance with our Terms and Conditions, for example, to send you important service updates. We also process information about you where it is in our lawful interests to do so and not overridden by your rights. Such actions are taken by our team in order to prevent any theft, illegal use or any copyright violation of the content posted on our web-platform or any other medium. In some cases, we are liable to utilize your personal as well as non-personal information to prevent any misuse of your identity or the well-being of other third parties.



As the user, you have the right to access the following information regarding our services/policies/procedures:

  • The purpose of the data processing

  • The categories of personal data accessed

  • The list of receivers who has access to your personal and/or non-personal information

  • The period for which your personal information will be stored

  • The right to update/alter/change/correct your personal as well as non-personal information

  • Whether we use your personal data for automated decision-making

  • The process by which we collect your personal as well non-personal information

  • Where the Goliath Options Trading intends to transfer your personal data to a third country or international organization.

Apart from this, we, Goliath Options Trading, are liable to provide you with a portable copy of your data that has been stored by us.


You have a right to obtain from us, the Goliath Options Trading team, the modification/correction of inaccurate personal data concerning you.


You have a right of erasure to obtain from us, the Goliath Options Trading team, the erasure of your personal data based on any of the following grounds:

  • You can erase your personal data, if and only if, that particular personal and/or non-personal information is not required by us to carry out the process/utilization as we do carry out under normal circumstances.

  • We, the Goliath Options Trading team, collected or processed your personal data on the basis of your consent and you have since withdrawn your consent.

  • We, the Goliath Options Trading team, are liable to stop the processing of your personal and/or non-personal data if we do not legally/lawfully reserve the right to process your data any further.


If we, the Goliath Options Trading team, are unknowingly processing your personal as well as non-personal information on no legal groundings, then you reserve the right to impose and challenge our processing of your identifiable information immediately. Furthermore, we are also reliable to withstand the processing of your information for any marketing or whatsoever purposes as mentioned in this Privacy Policy before, until further notice.


We, the Goliath Options Trading team, are liable to provide you with a portable copy of your personal and/or non-personal data in a machine-readable and properly structured format upon request.


Your processing of the personal as well as non-personal information by us, Goliath Options Trading, is subjected to the consent you have provided to us. And with this consent drawn out by you, we are no more liable to processing your data legally any further.


We, the Goliath Options Trading team, are liable to coordinate and participate in any complaint that has been submitted by you to the Supervisory/Legislative Authorities against our processing/utilization of your personal and/or non-personal information.



The California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA”) allows the residents of California to exercise their right to approach the information stored by us, Goliath Options Trading – the kind of information that we collect and use regarding you. This CCPA Privacy Notice also provides information to California residents about what kind of information that is stored by us can be accessed by you.

Disclaimer: We, Goliath Options Trading, are liable to share with you that we collect the information for business and commercial purposes only.


We, Goliath Options Trading, reserve the right to collect the personal as well as non-personal information about you through multiple mediums and these include but are not limited to the following ones:

  • Personal information such as your name, contact number, profile picture, email address, location and other information that can help in discriminating you from others.

  • Non-personally information about you, such as demographic information, location, age, gender, and data log based on your use of our website.


We, Goliath Options Trading, are liable to provide you with the information that has been accessed, stored and processed by us within the last 12 months. This information covers:

  • The categories and specific elements of personal as well as non-personal information that has been collected/stored by us about you.

  • Categories of sources/medium by virtue of which your personal and/or non-personal information is collected.

  • Our purpose for collecting or sharing a user’s personal information.

  • Identification and categories of the signed-up third-party/service providers to whom we provide access to your personal and/or non-personal information as deemed fit.

Upon receipt of a Verified Request on your behalf, we will gather and share the personal information stored by us, the Goliath Options Trading team.


We, the Goliath Options Trading team, are liable to delete/erase/omit your personal and/or non-personal information upon a written request. In order to request that we delete your sensitive/ private information, you need to follow the instructions for submitting a Verifiable Request to delete your personal information. Upon receipt of a Verifiable Request and confirmation from you regarding deletion, we will delete your personal information, and we will also instruct all of our service providers who happen to maintain your personal information on our behalf to also delete & omit your personal information from their records altogether.


We, Goliath Options Trading, do not sell, rent out or share (except with the authorized and signed-up parties) the personal information that is collected from clients, users or prospects.


We, Goliath Options Trading, shall not discriminate against you by altering the price of any of our products or services as you chose to exercise your rights under the CCPA.


Definitions – or the reasons behind the CCPA Privacy Notice as mentioned here and the respective meanings as follows:

Business purpose means “the use of personal information for the business’s or a service provider’s operational purposes”.

Commercial purpose means “to advance a commercial or economic interest, such as by inducing another person to buy, rent, lease, join, subscribe to, provide, or exchange products, goods, property, information, or services, or enabling or affecting, directly or indirectly, a commercial transaction”.

Verified Request (or Verifiable Request) means a request initiated by the residents of California on their own behalf, or on behalf of a California resident from whom they have received authorization, and that we can verify pursuant to its standard verification procedures.


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