About Us

Our Story

Just five guys

There’s five of us – just five guys that wanted to create a group where not only did we have the best data sources available, but a great source of educational content and guidance for our fellow traders. Goliath was formed with several core tenets in mind: transparency, consistency, financial growth, and education.

We want our members to grow as a trader (along with their accounts) while they enjoy the company of like-minded people who will do everything possible to make them successful. We have put together an assortment of content, data feeds, and technology tools that we believe will help.

Why is Goliath different ?

Being used as a cash cow sucks

All five of us have participated in other groups before forming Goliath so we know how it feels to be a member of a group that doesn’t care for its members beyond making sure monthly dues are paid.

Because of our experience in other groups, it was important to all of us that our group be different — we want traders to feel they are in a safe learning environment where they can ask questions and get comprehensive answers that make sense. We want every one of our traders to feel like they are a member of the Goliath family.

We care about you

We want to see you be successful. We are an open group always seeking out feedback from our members to make our group better.

Never stop learning

They say keeping the mind active is the secret to long life. We believe this also applies to trading - while understanding historical patterns is important, it's also critical to keep learning. We have tons of educational content for our members

Transparency is king

We don't post a play that we aren't in ourselves. We are risking our own capital on any play we post.‚Äč

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